A Circle of Hope

Consider this… Your father is getting frail and doesn’t want to move into a retirement home. Or your child has special needs and can’t get by on her own. Maybe you’ve been in a serious car accident and have a long recovery ahead.

What do these scenarios have in common? They all require professional home health care – the kind you’ll find at EnCompass Home Care Solutions.

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Joint Benefits: The SierraSil Story

An interview with Michael Bentley ~ By Jason Sebeslav

Michael Bentley is president of SierraSil Health, a Vancouver-based healthcare company with a simple goal – to help people become healthier and more active. The mission is being accomplished every day due to the clinically proven benefits of their namesake product, SierraSil. A natural joint-care product, SierraSil is a unique mineral complex sourced from a pristine deposit located high on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Mountains. From an unlikely discovery by a gold prospector over 30 years ago to the glowing testimonials from osteoarthritis sufferers and health care professionals alike., Michael has a great story to tell. I had the pleasure of speaking with him recently by phone.



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