Cover Story ~ Healthy Growth

ProActive Chiropractic & Training Centre’s new location a one-stop-shop for Niagara’s fitness and rehab needs.

WHEN DR. SCOTT MACPHERSON AND HIS WIFE DR. TAIA SPENCER-YAP first opened ProActive Chiropractic & Training Centre in St. Catharines nearly a decade ago, they wanted to provide their patients with a world of choice – all under one roof.
Today, Scott, Taia and their team are doing just that – treating hundreds of Niagara-area patients dealing with medical issues or just trying to be more proactive about their health. Their focus is helping people dealing with nagging issues like back pain or tension headaches as well as assisting people who are living an active lifestyle.

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The Thyroid - Stress Connection ~ An interview with Dr. Elie Klein

By Jason Sebeslav

DR. ELIE KLEIN is a naturopathic doctor in Toronto, author of Read This If You Have A Heart – The Book on Lowering High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Naturally, as well as co-owner and formulator of natural health products with My Health Supplements and Nanton Nutraceuticals.

Jason Sebeslav: Dr Klein, we know that chronic stress can lead to thyroid problems, and that chronic thyroid imbalance can create stress in terms of poor cognition and even depression. In simple terms, how are these seemingly circular health issues connected?

Elie Klein: There are various sources of stress. Psychological stress, chemical stress (such as toxins or harmful food) and physical stress (prolonged periods of darkness as in the winter for example). Any source of long-lasting stress results in increased levels of the stress hormones, such as cortisol. Stress hormones interfere with many functions that affect our physical and mental or cognitive well being, including thyroid function.


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