Cover Story ~ A New Approach To An Old Undertaking

Considerate Cremation & Burial Services Inc. makes arrangements easy, transparent and affordable.

ONCE clients contact Considerate Cremation & Burial Services they quickly understand that the process of arranging services can be a very comfortable process. Whether they are seeking services needed at the time of death or pre-arranging for future need it is very clear that Holly Prince-Jensen & Bruce Keating McClelland provide a relaxed environment and an approach that is very welcoming.
Considerate Cremation & Burial Services prices are affordable – typically their charges are approximately 30-50% less than most traditional funeral homes. Their facility boasts a modest office and all services are held at off-site locations. As independent owners/operators and funeral service providers Holly & Bruce offer all service options; basic burial or cremation, graveside service, celebration of life gathering, memorial service or a traditional funeral service including green burial options. They assist all families, at no charge, that they are privileged to serve with looking after Estate Fraud Protection, cancelling SIN & Health Cards and helping with completion of the CPP Death Benefit & Survivor’s Benefit forms.

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The Interview: Collagen: The Sun-Protection Connection

An interview with Richard Passwater Jr.

By Jason Sebeslav

Richard Passwater, Jr. works for Bio Minerals NV, the Belgian manufacturer of BioSil®. Richard has held a variety of technical, sales and quality control positions in the dietary supplement industry and has written over 90 articles, co-authored two peer-reviewed scientific studies and is a co-inventor of three patents. He speaks about collagen and related health topics around the world.

Jason Sebeslav: I recently read a health article that suggested ditching toxic sunscreens and instead eating more carotenoids,
flavonoids and polyphenols as well as collagen-forming foods, like bone broth and gelatin. I see also that some sunscreens now contain collagen. What’s the connection between these compounds and sun protection?

Richard Passwater Jr.: Sunscreen products contain agents that can either absorb or reflect UV radiation at the skin surface thereby protecting the skin. A significant percentage of ingested carotenoids, flavonoids and polyphenols get deposited into the skin. These natural phytonutrients are capable of absorbing UV radiation to prevent direct damage to cells and DNA. Collagen makes up about 75% of the dry weight of skin. It provides strength, thickness, suppleness and also reflects light. Much of the light that hits the skin goes through the outer layer (epidermis) into the dermis. The more collagen someone has in their dermis, the more of that light gets reflected.


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