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Whirlpool Jet Boats celebrate 25 years of conquering Niagara.
After successfully taking one of their Montreal jet boats through the Devil’s.
Over the years, several daredevils like William “Red” Hill and Captain Klaus Larsen have been able to survive a raging trip through the Whirlpool Rapids. But only one group of people can claim to have beaten the mighty Niagara 25 years in a row―and counting.
And that’s the winning team at Whirlpool Jet Boats.
One of Niagara’s premier attractions, the Whirlpool Jet Boats runs guided tours through the Devil’s Hole Rapids area from May to October, giving passengers an up-close and personal view of the wonders along the Lower Niagara River. 
John Kinney, the president and co-owner of Whirlpool Jet Boats Limited, says the spectacular tour has a little excitement for everyone, whether you’re entertaining friends from out of town, hosting a family get-together or planning your next school trip. 
“We provide an experience that’s overwhelmingly unique,” John says of their 25 years in business. “People come here from around the world―from places like China, France and Korea―because there’s nothing like the Niagara Gorge. We have seniors in their 70s and 80s taking the tour, and young children. We even had a 96-year-old woman on board recently. We keep expanding the breadth of our ridership experience.”
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