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Test Post

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We all want to feel better about our health―whether it’s by shedding a few pounds, tightening our legs and arms or getting a nagging pain under control. If one or all of these are on your “to-do” list these days, it’s time to give Fiona O’Hara a call.

Fiona is a health and lifestyle expert and the owner of A Healthier U in Fonthill. A Healthier U is a weight loss and Hypervibe studio that uses a combination of technology, fitness and healthy eating to help people lose weight, get stronger and deal with various medical conditions.

Serving the entire Niagara Peninsula, Fiona and her staff deal with clients of all ages―both male and female. Fiona has several innovative machines available at her studio. Unlike a typical corporate gym, however, A Healthier U provides a more intimate and laid back atmosphere.

“My clients would never go to a gym,” Fiona says. “We have more of a boutique setting here so you don’t have to feel intimidated. We have something for every fitness level.”

At A Healthier U, one of Fiona’s most popular machines is the Hypervibe. Whole Body Vibration Training targets the six pillars of health: cardio, strength, power, athleticism, flexibility and balance. Whole Body Vibration uses Accelerated Biomechanical Muscle Stimulation to increase the gravitational load on the muscles, working the reflex activation by sending kinetic energy throughout the body to achieve many lasting benefits. These include greater balance and flexibility, weight loss, improved skin and muscle tone, and increased energy, circulation and endurance. It can also reduce inflammation, ease joint and back pain, improve posture and mobility, increase bone density, boost hormones, and prevent osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions.

As a certified Hypervibe trainer, Fiona has the first and only Hypervibe studio in the Niagara area. Fiona says her clients are free to book a private Hypervibe training session with her or take part in small instruction classes.

“People can even come in and rent our machine,” she explains. “A 15-minutes session on a plate is equal to one hour at the gym.”

Fiona opened A Healthier in August. But she’s been working as a nutrition and lifestyle coach for over a decade now. Back in 2006, she began working as a centre director, managing Herbal Magic locations in St. Catharines and Fonthill. Five years later, Fionna opened her own Herbal Magic store in Fonthill, helping her clients to successfully lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle.
This past year, however, Fiona decided it was time to take her business to another level by adding some new services to her Herbal Magic business. She started by offering Lipo Light body contouring treatments―an advanced slimming technology that helps her clients to target unwanted fat―and soon added her innovative Hypervibe machine.

Owner and health and lifestyle expert Fiona O’Hara

Operating from her previous Herbal Magic location in Fonthill, Fiona continues to offer personal one-on-one weight loss and nutritional coaching at A Healthier U as well as the Herbal Magic line of natural health products. But Fiona’s also expanding her business in other ways. For instance, she’s now in the midst of introducing pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) at her studio. This revolutionary machine uses an electromagnetic field to help clients alleviate pain and increase their range of motion.

To date, Fiona has been able to help countless Niagarans deal with their health, pain and weight loss issues. And the St. Catharines native’s health has benefited as well. When she was 21 for example, Fiona suffered a serious spinal injury and ended up with two herniated discs. Now she’s begun using the Hypervibe on a daily basis―and it’s been a blessing, helping Fiona build muscle and manage her recurring pain.

Fiona is a firm believer in the need to keep strong and healthy as we age―and it’s a philosophy that’s guided her from day one with her business.

“I want to make everyone feel better,” Fiona says. “Your health should be your top priority!” HWS

A Healthier U is located at 121 Highway 20 East in Fonthill. For more information, call 905 892 8545 or visit www.becomeahealthieru.com